Save Money With An Air Dryer

Air dryers offer many great benefits. For one, they save money because you do not have to keep buying paper products for hand drying. They actually pay for themselves in a matter of months. They will save you thousands every year on paper products and will last about ten years before you need to think about replacing your air dryer. Many newer versions are about 50 percent quieter than the older versions.

How much your air dryer will save you will depend on how many customers you get at your business but no matter the size of your business, an air dryer will significantly save you money. For a medium-sized operation that gets 150 to 200 uses each day, the amount of paper towels and trash bags is substantial and really adds up over the year. The cost of paper products keeps rising as well which means that in order to buy the more you will be spending more of your business’s budget on bathroom supplies and possibly taking it from another area of your business.

The initial cost of an air dryer will cost more than a paper towel dispenser, but you will have to keep buying paper towels indefinitely. With an air dryer, once you buy the machine, you no longer have to buy supplies. Your restroom will be neater and easier to keep clean as appear towels will not end up on the floor or fill up the garbage bin as quickly. Air dryers have come a long way since they were first invented and there are models that are more energy efficient as well. They are also more compact, so they are easily incorporated into a smaller bathroom. If you are looking for ways to cut the costs of running your business, investing in an air dryer is a great way to do this. They are also more sanitary.

If you’re thinking of installing any air dryers new kensington pa, you are making a good choice. An air dryer will dry hands in about 10 seconds, and although air dryers have gotten the reputation of being quite loud, there are many air dryers that are quite quiet. They have come a long way, and the new ones are quite technologically advanced.

Despite all of the benefits of hand dryers, there has still been some speculation about air dryers and hygiene. Many studies have been done, and it has been found that air dryers that are equipped with HEPA filters will eliminate 99.9% of bacteria before the air is blown onto the hands. This basically means that if you use an air dryer equipped with this filter, your hands will be cleaner than the air in the restroom when you use it. New evidence has shown that bacteria can live and even thrive in both wet as well as dry paper towels, so it seems that an air dryer is the better choice. Air dryers do not require constant maintenance and do not need to be refilled either.